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About TWF

A varied group of individuals come together under the umbrella of the Taiba Welfare Charity Foundation to uphold a set of shared principles, including charity, economic equality, sincerity, and community service. We began as a small team of volunteers who started gathering supplies for those in need, mainly money, clothes, and medicine. We are able to provide aid in an effective, efficient, transparent, and fully accountable manner and have a long-lasting impact on the areas we deal with by teaming closely with our partners and charitable trusts on the ground.

Prayer Time

Namaz Timings

  • Fajr
    Start:4:37 AM Iqamah:7:37 pm
  • Zuhr
    Start:11:47 AM Iqamah:2:47 am
  • Asr
    Start:3:09 PM Iqamah:6:09 am
  • Magrib
    Start:5:41 PM Iqamah:8:41 am
  • Isha
    Start:6:56 PM Iqamah:9:56 am
  • Jumah
    Start:11:47 AM Iqamah:2:47 am
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  • Maintenance of Filtration Plants and Fixation.
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    Get access to easy and simple online Quran reading lessons. Online Quran study is mad

    To support families through their difficult times, TWF provides a variety of services

    Every child deserves a good start in life and the prospect of a secure future. To pro

    While there are many ways to give back to the community, charitable giving is undoubt

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