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Taiba Welfare Foundation

Taiba Welfare Charity Foundation is active in religious, cultural, and social activities, which gives it a variety of goals and responsibilities. The foundation of all facets of our activity is based on the idea that spreading the genuine meaning and knowledge of Islam as a Religion of Peace, Charity, Tolerance, and Coexistence is foremost among them. We encourage donations to help us advance the cause and in how we serve and uphold our faith while fostering relationships with other religious communities in London and the UK.

Our Mission Regardless of gender, color, or religion, Taiba Welfare Charity Foundation seeks to empower people in their communities and offer them a voice in the global community while also providing aid and development in a dignified manner.

Our Vision Encouraging combined efforts and aid to end poverty in the world! TWF is working to address the core causes of poverty and create a more equitable world for everyone, motivated by the principles of our faith. Every person has the right to good education, access to healthy food and water, and the means to provide for their families, themselves, and their community.

Our Values We continue to be led by the principles and lessons that have stood the test of time that the Qur’anic revelations and the example of the prophets convey. Our goal is to use our abilities and knowledge for the good of the entire neighborhood.

What Sets Us Apart is Excellence in our operations and conduct, which are worthy of the people we serve, and distinguish our efforts to combat poverty. Our attempts to address poverty and suffering are motivated by our commitment to God and the need to uphold our duties to humanity.

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Get access to easy and simple online Quran reading lessons. Online Quran study is mad

To support families through their difficult times, TWF provides a variety of services

Every child deserves a good start in life and the prospect of a secure future. To pro

While there are many ways to give back to the community, charitable giving is undoubt

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